our vision

Our vision is a world with clean waters, thriving communities living in harmony with the land, minimal plastic, and a restored balance to water and resource consumption.

Why we do it

We are in a time of great power, choice and transition in reshaping our relationship to the planet. This calls for an inquiry into how we live. WaterNow provides the knowledge, technology, and way forward to a new living paradigm. We envision empowered people, clean water for all, and new greenprints that are environmentally friendly AND economically beneficial.


We partner with individuals, families, companies, and communities around the world  to create a more conscious, harmonious, and sustainable way of living.

We bring you the latest water technologies, energy savings systems, and 17+ years of environmental engineering expertise.

 We are here to serve.

We assess your land, commercial or private, make recommendations, and work towards a reduced environmental footprint with savings back to you. We work with you from start to finish and document the transformation.


How much do you know about what you are drinking or feeding to your gardens? We provide testing and analyses on water quality, water systems, usage, and efficiency.  WaterNow works with Natural Action Technologies Water Filtration Systems as a partner and distributor to provide clean, structured, and chemical free water for entire households, farms, villages and generations to come. We also specialize in ultraviolet (UV) sterilization systems and provide consultations for filters, rainwater catchment holistic water systems design, and water storage tanks.


WaterNow has over 17 years of experience in sustainable solutions, civil and environmental engineering, renewable power systems, and clean water projects. We are also specialists in Green Engineering, the design, commercialization, and use of processes and products that minimize pollution, promote sustainability, and protect human health without sacrificing economic viability and efficiency. We are here to share our knowledge and expertise.


We empower, support and consult for farmers throughout the compliance process so that you can focus on your grow. From Water Board apps, utilization of drone technology for site-mapping, and sustainability practices to licensing, permitting, and compliance, we navigate this period of transition with you.