Water Everywhere but NO waterOne of every 3 people are suffer from the waters of Lake Victoria their main water source. It’s water are entirely polluted from industrial waste and carries a number of water-borne diseases that lead to illness and fatality.. WaterNow plans to bring 2 water filtration systems and install rainwater catchment in the village to provide easier access to water and access to clean, healthy water.Hygiene and SanitationWaterNow is also responding to their call for better sanitary and health conditions.Currently public defecation leads to water source contamination, fecal diseases, and unsanitary living conditions. WaterNow plans to bring compost toilets as well as custom toilets for the ill, weak, and elderly.
WaterNow is currently raising $15,000 for our project in the village of Kunya, Kenya. Be apart of the impact with a donation towards compost toilets, water systems, rainwater catchment and everything it takes to bring clean water and a better future to the village of Kunya

Women ARE the water system


All the water for cooking, washing, agriculture, and even for drinking is fetched and carried from Lake Victoria exclusively by women. To fill their 5-gallon buckets, they must wade through 50 feet of thick hyacinth growth, infested with snakes (some poisonous) and leeches. When full, the containers weigh 48 pounds and are carried on the women’s heads, sometimes for miles, to their homes.
The women cannot be empowered unless we solve the water problem. Having an accessible water supply will save the women hundreds of labor intensive hours, freeing them to pursue income generating activities. It will also serve the community at large, by greatly reducing typhoid and other water-borne diseases, presently very rampant in the village.