In December of 2017, WaterNow responded to a call from the state of Quintana Roo Mexico, located on the eastern part of the Yucatán Peninsula in the city of Bacalar.  In 2015 Mexico’s environmental protection agency issued an “urgent” call for local authorities to stop sewage and waste discharge into the fresh-water lake of Bacalar. In response to this crisis, WaterNow installed a 3-stage water purification system and UV filter system for bacteria and helped the health of the participants gathering at the lake.   The gathering was called ‘Llamado del Agua’ which translates to Call of the Water.


On behalf of The Call of The Water-XV Vision Council Guardians of the Earth, I would like to recommend Karuna Warren and WaterNow as an organization that is truly committed to create a world with access to clean water for all. In their mission to bring sustainable drinking water to people with limited possibilities, as well as support proactive environmental advocates. WaterNow donated and installed a water filter system that allowed more than 1600 participants from 27 countries and representatives of a dozen indigenous nations, to have potable water throughout the weeklong gathering in the pristine, yet imminently threatened, Caribbean lagoon. Karuna also gave an important presentation on water sustainability and technology. We are very grateful for the alliance forged with WaterNow and their participation in our gathering and community. The water filter system they donated will be used in future events and showcased as an example of efficient, cost effective, and easily actionable steps to use and care for water more appropriately.
~ Lali Oshen Event Organizer