Ghana Clean Water Initiative​

This clean water project in Bisigu, Ghana will provide critical drinking water , sanitation, and clean energy and could reach 5000 or more people over the next 10-20 years. This is a village in the northern territory of Ghana, Africa which has lived without good drinking water for over 50 years now. Inhabitants depend on small pits which gather rainwater that flows off the ground each time it rains. A river (i.e. The Black Volta), is 6km away from the community, and serves as the water source for the villagers and their livestock during the dry season.

Ghana water crisis

180,000 children under 5 years old die every year. That means 500 children die each day from lack of clean drinking water in Sub-saharan Africa alone

Attempts by the local government and NGO to drill a borehole was not successful. A shallow well that was dug a few years ago produced water with odor, color and poor taste , and only filled up when it rained. The borehole, which is 3.5km away from the community, does not work effectively or reliably to serve the people. Besides being dry, it is costly for the water to be transported manually on bicycle to their homes.

Good clear water will serve the community tremendously, benefiting quality of life and health. The village uses water for cooking their meals, bathing, washing, and their livestock also depend on available drinking water. It will also improve upon the sanitation in the community, prevent water-related diseases especially for children, and improve their living standards.

WaterNow is partnering with Bisigu Villages and proposes the holistic solutions of :  Installing rainwater harvesting system, new piping to the school and community center,  dig a deep water well (80-100m), install solar pumps and panels, and water filtration for hydration and sanitation stations.  Phase 1 is planned for the end of 2020 or start of 2021, and will also employ hundreds of locals over the months and years to come.

This project will help improve pupils’  school attendance, education and increase opportunity by helping them focus on their studies. Many children miss school to travel to nearby communities searching for water.

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