Part of our mission at Water Now is to heal our relationship with water. Eliminate single use plastic bottles, while supporting WaterNow’s global projects restoring clean waters to the Planet and Her vulnerable communities 

Receive our limited edition bottle Water Now stainless steel bottle for a donation of $50.

Show your support of clean water, while contributing to our global projects.

Includes shipping anywhere within the US

$1000 filter creates 100,000 liters of clean water 
serving 33,000 people for 1 day (3 L/day)
or 1,111 people for 1 month
and 93 people
(30 families) for 1 year.  

$250 donation provides
23 people (5 families) clean water for a month.

$50 donation provides
5 people drinkable water for a month. is currently raising $55,000 for our initiatives:

The Bigisu Village in Ghana and the Lakota Nation in SD.

Be a part of the impact. 100% of your donation will go to:
– Build 2 water filtrations systems
– Rainwater Catchment
– Deep water well
– Sanitation Systems
– Hygiene Education


The Bisigu village in Ghana,  has lived without clean drinking water over 50 years.  Inhabitants depend on small pits that gather rainwater that runs off the ground each time it rains.  The Black Volta River which is 5 to 6km away from the community is what they and their livestock depend on during the dry season. With your donation, plans to bring a full water and sanitation initiative to provide easier access to clean, healthy water and, more hygienic living conditions so that this community can thrive