In this Navajo (Diné) Nation community in Wheatfields Lake, Arizona, approximately 1000 people experience poor quality drinking water. There’s an abundance of water rights and a rich cultural history, yet a lack of water flow which has caused lake reservoirs to dry up. Contaminants have resulted in illnesses that have been reported in the community. Help us help this strong, beautiful community with clean drinking water!

Phase I Objectives Completed

– Partnered with Little Big Medicine & Tap the Flow 24
for a new clean water via filtration system.
– Installed Rainwater catchment system
– New water station, piping, and plumbing to homes.
– Educate the local community on sustaining and maintaining the system.

Measurable Outcomes

– Number of homes with water access increased due to our implemented solutions.
– Thousands  of gallons of clean water consumed or used in each home.
– Collected feedback from community members based on water quality and health 

Our Solutions

WaterNow raised $2,500 to purchase rainwater catchment tanks, piping, water filters and materials. We will employ local labor and source local materials. We’ve met with President of Little Big Medicine Inc., Danny John and his wife Levina John on numerous occasions at their land in Arizona, USA. They feel this project will greatly enhance well-being, health, and morale of the community for generations to come.


On behalf of Lower Wheatfields Az. Navajo (Dinè):

“Little Big Medicine Community, I would give gratitude to WaterNow.Inc. You have given this community purified water system that will be used for the next twenty years plus! It is the first water filtration system within this community. This project has shown what is possible with rain catchment systems and storage tank with a filtration system and pump has given this community kitchen potable water safe to drink and cook with. We are very thankful, WaterNow, you have helped another native group with running water in this remote setting. Teaching and opening the eyes of hope for future generations is great work! I am happy to be the first to say, Thank You very much in seeking and helping where help is needed. Alternative resources is the easy to go!”
From Chief Danny John’s community, bless you WaterNow!