Karuna installing a UV Filter & 3-stage purification filter Meadows in the Mountains Festival.

WaterNow responded to a call from the organizers to have clean water at ‘Meadows in the Mountains’; a Conscious Art & Film Festival (MITM) . This gathering brings crowds of over 3,000 individuals annually and during the previous year’s festival hundreds of people fell ill due to bacteria and parasites coming from the water tanks. WaterNow triaged the situation and installed a UV water filter, and a 3-stage purification system along with water hydration stations. The sustainable system was well received and saved in plastic consumption, hauling water, and not to mention the chemical free water that received many accolades and will prevent future outbreaks.

The organizer Benjamin S: “We saved thousands of single use plastics! Participants were well hydrated and thankful for the water system, keep up the great work!”