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Water is the thread that interconnects life itself – the forests, the soil, the atmosphere, plants, animals, and human beings, alike. The statement “Water is life” couldn’t be more close to the truth. This powerful element has lived underneath the grounds as well as above, before time and place had even been dreamt of. All species are primarily water, and if not, sustained by it. From the perspective of religious /geographical story, water holds a presence of peace, safety and good health. So what does standing for the value of water actually look like? Well, consider what it personally means to you? Maybe – during this reading – you begin contemplating your relationship to water.

For now, let’s talk about it.

As a system – we have witnessed, how reliant we have become on this chain reaction of working, going, working, going, with no room to even consider how we ARE affecting our natural resources. No doubt, this has enabled us to momentarily sustain ourselves, and/or our families – through tending to the merry-go-round of mainstream agenda. Unfortunately, disregarding and blinding people to “how” this cycle completely negates the health of the grounds in which we live upon. Yes, thankfully, there are also humans that are choosing to look at these Earth compromises, and becoming aware/educating themselves of these fatal exposures. At this point, you may ask, what can I do?

I too, have contributed to both of these ways of life, and it wasn’t until becoming exposed to water pollution myself while traveling, and furthermore, working for a non-profit, did I become aware of our water rights (and how they were not present) as human beings. Understanding what today’s water quality truly looks like, around the globe. Inner-city water conditions as well as in the deep deep amazon. How the government deprives us of our natural rights, manipulating us through brainwashing or unjustly harming our rivers, streams, oceans, etc. This way, no one has availability to clean water – unknowingly.

“Every time non sustainable human activity disrupts the Earth’s potential for renewing life’s processes, we disrupt the water cycle and water pathways. Seen from the perspective of water, every violation of the water cycle is an act of war and violence against the Earth and life itself.”
~Vandana Shiva, “Water Wars”

It can become quickly overwhelming for any one person to begin taking on this disturbing, global occurrence. I wonder what our country/world would look like if, from an educational standpoint, we created a mandatory class on understanding our Earth’s resources – to really comprehend their fullest potential and precious-ness. How this would change the course of our future. So, it starts with contemplating our personal relationship to water, and the Earth itself. When you drink water, is it from a bottle that supports unsustainable ways and violates our natural resources (such as nestle or aquafina)? Do you use chemicals in your home ( check your cleaning products) ? Do you use your voice, or other creative processes to share your knowledge towards protecting the water? The revolution begins with you, NOW. Taking responsibility for every footprint you create while you are here, on this planet. There is no other time to begin recognizing the importance of this precious reserve. Let us not wait until it’s too late to make these critical shifts, as every bit counts. May we not get confused or forget – what truly sustains all of life.

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