WaterNow bridges clean water solutions to indigenous communities worldwide.
We are here to heal the waters.
WaterNow has healed waters for over 55,000 people worldwide.

Water Now


Our vision is a world with clean waters, thriving communities living in harmony with the land, minimal plastic, and a restored balance to water and resource consumption.

While drinking water from a hand pump, a child smiles, in Mzuzu, the capital of Northern Region and the third largest city, by population, in Malawi.


We are in a time of great power, choice and transition in reshaping our relationship to the planet. This calls for an inquiry into how we live. WaterNow provides the knowledge, technology, and way forward to a new living paradigm. We envision empowered people, clean water for all, and new greenprints that are environmentally friendly AND economically beneficial.

We partner with individuals, families, companies, and communities around the world to create a more conscious, harmonious, and sustainable way of living.
We bring you the latest water technologies, energy savings systems, and 17+ years of environmental engineering expertise. We are here to serve.
We assess your land, commercial or private, make recommendations, and work towards a reduced environmental footprint with savings back to you. We work with you from start to finish and


We have over 22 years of experience in water purification and regeneration systems. Its paramount to know exactly what is in your water. We provide free consultation, testing and analyses on water quality, water systems, usage, and efficiency. WaterNow distributes Filtration Systems to promote clean, structured, and chemical free water for entire households, farms, villages and generations to come. We specialize in Rainwater harvesting systems, ultraviolet (UV) sterilization, Water structuring and ionization. Contact us for a free quote to improve your drinking water and quality of life.


We started as water warriors bringing clean water access to indigenous lands and tribes. After clean water projects in California, Bali, Brazil, Costa Rica and Standing Rock, we quickly realized the greater call for environmental advocates and experts. Communities are asking how they can live more consciously and how to be the change. In response, WaterNow has now expanded into a full-service Environmental Consulting Firm, in service to people and the planet.
Karuna Warren Bio Photo


Founder and CEO

For the last several years, Karuna Warren has worked with WaterNow both locally and internationally designing and implementing regenerative long term water systems, through installing river turbines, reverse osmosis filtration, structured water filtration, pipe bursting and upgrade designs, storage tank design, new water pipeline systems, well construction, spirulina pond system design and research, growth and engineering of specifications for hydroponics and village utility, and water and sanitation designs. Karuna offers his specializations both to his local communities within the US, and also extends his work to international communities that need support Outside of the office, you can find Karuna in nature, practicing yoga, dancing, playing djembe and congas, meditating , reading, hiking, praying and going to the river, oceans or lakes. Karuna is passionate about taking his skillset and offering it to communities in need. Karuna Warren BSCE, PE, MBA, is the Founder and CEO of WaterNow. He is passionate about holistic water systems, green technologies, social and environmental action, and First Nations issues. With over 21 total years of Environmental and Engineering experience and many years within the corporate system, Karuna founded the the umbrella non-profit company Karuna Apaha Inc. – meaning Compassion for Water – in March of 2016. Since then his intention has been to work solely with his passion – multifaceted sustainable solutions for current water issues.


Liat Cohen of Water Now


Entrepreneur & Marketer

Driven by passion for sustainability, innovation, energetics, and cause marketing, Liat S. Cohen is a creative entrepreneur with over 20 years of strategic alliances and management experience in the sustainability sector. Her areas of expertise include: strategic and cause marketing, development planning, consulting, program planning, implementation and evaluation, general administration and public relations. Liat has worked for several world renowned organizations, where she has secured an array of unique resources for multiple projects. Throughout her career, she has substantially increased unrestricted operating funds, diversified revenue streams, wrote successful grant proposals to private foundations and government agencies for specific programs and planned and executed special events and campaigns. She has also developed, administered and evaluated many different socially responsible causes and initiatives, and created marketing campaigns to bring them into a new audience. Highlighted past projects include: Hosting the RiverKeepers event with RFK at Greenhouse NYC in 2009 Donating event space and helped to produce the Charity:water fundraiser at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival Consulting on BPM magazine’s Green Issue which led to the sustainability effort of the entire company and a Press campaign to follow Co-branded RainTrust.org, which is a rainforest conservancy in Brazil She is a student of Dr. Emoto and a true water healer. Liat has travelled around the world interacting with cultures and is passionate about people, jewelry and motherhood.
Kelly Searcy of Water Now


Administration & Technology

Kelly Searcy joins the Water Now team with 10 years of administrative and personal assistance experience. Her strength is working closely with visionaries and directors to be behind the scenes and allow bigger work to be done. Kelly’s love for our Mother’s natural resources and indigenous guardians arose through interaction with the traditions and spiritual practices of Central and South American tradition keepers. Living for 7 years in South America, she was able to witness firsthand the injustice and suffering unavoidable in many vital traditional communities, because of the lack of access to clean water and basic hygiene.  Her practical skills in organization and administration combined with a personal passion for indigenous traditions and human rights makes her a natural fit with WaterNow.  Kelly is a lifelong student of indigenous traditions, a mother, lover of outdoor adventures, and seeks to make small impacts that ripple into great change. 

Fadia Conroy of Water Now


Social Media Manager

Hi, my name is Fadia Conroy, I am 26 years old and originally from Lima, Peru! Through the years, I have worked with many different clients in helping them manage their Social Media platforms. With a Psychology background and a love of connecting with people, I believe that we can use technology for the good. 
I am passionate about helping others, our environment, spreading love and light in this world, as well as connecting with others with a heart full of positivity and gratitude. 
I believe in always having a positive mindset no matter what, smiling and creating happiness in others’ lives. 
We are all blessed to be connected and unified.
May light guide you through your journey & happiness radiate from your soul! 
All my love & positivity,