We started as water warriors bringing clean water access to indigenous lands and tribes. After clean water projects in California, Bali, Brazil, Costa Rica and Standing Rock, we quickly realized the greater call for environmental advocates and experts. Communities are asking how they can live more consciously and how to be the change. In response, WaterNow has now expanded into a full-service Environmental Consulting Firm, in service to people and the planet.

Meet our team

Karuna Warren
Founder and CEO

For the last several years, Karuna Warren has worked with WaterNow both locally and internationally designing and implementing regenerative long term water systems, through installing river turbines, reverse osmosis filtration, structured water filtration, pipe bursting and upgrade designs, storage tank design, new water pipeline systems, well construction, spirulina pond system design and research, growth and engineering of specifications for hydroponics and village utility, and water and sanitation designs.

Karuna offers his specializations both to his local communities within the US, and also extends his work to international communities that need support
Outside of the office, you can find Karuna in nature, practicing yoga, dancing, playing djembe and congas, meditating , reading, hiking, praying and going to the river, oceans or lakes. Karuna is passionate about taking his skillset and offering it to communities in need. Karuna Warren BSCE, PE, MBA,  is the Founder and CEO of WaterNow. He is passionate about holistic water systems, green technologies, social and environmental action, and First Nations issues. With over 21 total years of Environmental and Engineering experience and many years within the corporate system, Karuna founded the the umbrella non-profit company Karuna Apaha Inc. – meaning Compassion for Water – in March of 2016.  Since then his intention has been to work solely with his passion – multifaceted sustainable solutions for current water issues.

Sammi Kate
Community Outreach Coordinator

Sammi Kate is Project Manager, Community Outreach and Social Media Director for WaterNow Nonprofit. With a devoted heart, undeniable presence and strong passion for implementing global impact, Sammi believes we are the change we seek, and we shall be the ones to actualize it! Wildly inspired by culture, community and creativity she is committed to supporting and exploring the intersectionality of our human – earth relationships through an ever widening lens of dream, vision & action. With a B.A. in World Religion, Creative Writing, & Psychology of Health and Healing from Boulder, Colorado’s, Naropa University – Sammi is driven by forging connection, bridging community through individuals unique gifts and empowering one another, towards their own health and healing. She uses curiosity, resourcefulness, and ingenuity in all of her endeavors, to co-create the best possible (re)solutions.

Sammi founded her own writing company (Weaving-Writers.com) in 2014, and truly believes in the power of the word to help manifest vision; cultivating a platform in which development, transformation & revolution can be born from. Currently residing in Boulder, Colorado, she has great reverence for nature in all of its many forms. The elemental world continues to inspire and teach her with its innate wisdom as it carves each step of the way towards being in service, ultimately to: the mystery that is abound. You can find Sammi exploring the beautiful terrains of the Rocky Mountains, sharing a swim in the local rivers of Boulder, Colorado, reading & writing, dancing, traveling, engaging in various environmental activism/indigenous projects, while especially using her voice alongside WaterNow, co-creating + envisioning for our clean water initiation.

Vanja Peric
Web Developer & Graphic Designer

Vanja Valentina Peric is the Website and Graphic Designer for WaterNow Nonprofit. With a BA in Environmental Studies from S.F. State University, she continued her education and further received certifications in graphic design, web design and video production. Vanja shares great passion for sustainable living, recycling (& upcycling) while protecting mother Earth’s natural resources. She acknowledges the importance and experience of our interwoven connectedness: the relationship between the natural and human worlds.

Vanja has worked with a number of nonprofits that fight for social justice issues, access to legal help for low income and access to healthy and nutritional foods for all. Above all else, she feels especially passionate about the issues of clean water access, and loves working for this movement: WaterNow.

Today Vanja works full time as a Digital Marketing Specialist and freelance Website/ Graphic Designer. In her free time she likes to spend time practicing yoga & pilates. Her favorite outdoor activities are skiing and swimming. To learn more about her work visit www.gg-studio.com.